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We Stand Alone

Book One - The Airmen Series


It wasn't his war... not yet.

 He was in it for the money, an American pilot that could fly anything with wings. No combat, just cargo. That was the deal. Everything changed when he met a French war correspondent covering a battle whose outcome would change our civilization and define the modern era.  Based on a true story, We Stand Alone is an epic historical drama set during the 1950’s Indochina War between the Vietnamese rebels and their French overlords. It's Dunkirk meets Matterhorn in a fast-paced military thriller full of action and complex characters.

"Expertly blending fictional characters and real people, David Lee Corley delves into the men, the motivations, and the missions of the battle of Dien Bien Phu, the last major conflict before the Vietnam War. We Stand Alone is a historical novel that reads like a modern political thriller, full of exciting action, larger-than-life characters, and unforgettable events."       -Kirkus Reviews

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