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Sèvres Protocol

Book Three – The Airmen Series

Paris 1956. Three nations collude to start a war.

Their conspiracy is threatened when French journalist, Brigitte Friang, unearths a lost document – The Protocol of Sèvres. The content of the document is so incredible that nobody will believe it until it happens.

Brigitte is torn between her allegiance to her country and her obligation to reveal the truth. Within days of uncovering the secret plan, she finds herself in the middle of a war she could have prevented. A war that will endanger millions including the two men she loves.

World leaders collide as the plan unfolds. Alliances are strained to the brink.

Will events spin out of control and start World War III?

Sèvres Protocol is an international political thriller ripped from the pages of history. Based on a true story with twists and turns that will keep you glued until the very last page.


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