Clarion Review


Monsoon Rising: The Nomad Series

David Lee Corley Telos, LLC 978-0692907443
Four Stars (out of Five)

Complex thriller and an entertaining read.

David Lee Corley’s Monsoon Rising is a fast-paced thriller that uniquely immerses the reader into vivid imagery. This is the first novel in the The Nomad series.

Billy Gamble is a fugitive on the run, unable to return to his home in Wyoming, because he stole four million dollars from his former boss. Being chased by a skip tracer hired to recover the lost millions, Billy finds himself hiding out in Thailand. But when Billy is framed for the murder of his girlfriend and being hunted by the Thai police, he must befriend the only person capable of helping him prove his innocence, Eve Donoghue, the skip tracer. With Eve’s help, they quickly find themselves chasing a serial killer through exotic locals and on a trail of death.

Not only are the characters compelling, but Corley skillfully builds tension with purposeful prose using sensory details and vivid descriptions. The author, a screenwriter and director, beautifully crafts scenes that seem to come to life as if they are played out on a movie screen. At times, the broken English of the minor characters can lead to a slight slowing of progress, but the disruption is minimal. Ultimately making for a satisfying end to the novel, and a platform for future books in the series.

With plenty of thrills, this is a gripping tale that immerses you into a foreign world of non-stop suspense.