MonSoon Rising : The Nomad Series

David Lee Corley

Publisher: Telos, LLC

Pages: 400

Price: (ebook) $5.99

ISBN: 978 – 0692907443

Reviewed: November 2017

Author David Lee Corley has penned screenplays for popular movies such as Executive Power , starring Craig Sheffer and John Heard, Angel’s Dance , starring Jim Belushi and Kyle Chandler and Second in Command , starring Jean – Claude Van Damme. He also directed Executive Power and Angel’s Dance .

His debut into novels begins with a bang with a serial killer thriller, Monsoon Rising . Billy has been framed for the murder of his girlfriend in Thailand, and is on the run from the Thai police . He is forced to hunt the killer, The Nomad, through cities and jungles. The novel heats up as The Nomad continues his murderous streak , leaving a trail of dead bodies like breadcrumbs for Billy.

Corley’s Billy is a fascinating character. Not only is the fugitive turned ‘ detective ’ a US citizen unable to return to his homeland because he embezzled from his former boss , but he has also teamed up with the expert skip tracer hired to find him to recover the stolen money.

The book’s greatest strength, perhaps, lie s in its precision and delivery. The author has clearly done his homework on the exotic locales and can paint a thrilling picture of the scene, whether it’s a seedy bar or the banter between Billy and Eve .

Despite dialogue that can sometimes seem stilted , crime and serial killer enthusiasts looking for a cinematic reading experience will find precisely what they’re looking for in the pages of Monsoon Rising .

Also available in paperback.