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Operation Musketeer

Book Four – The Airmen Series


There have only been a few moments in history where mankind was on the brink of extinction.

The Suez Crisis was one of them…

Egypt 1956. Israeli forces overrun the Sinai and decimate the Egyptian military in a surprise invasion. The Egyptian army is in full retreat as it attempts to cross the Suez Canal to face a much bigger threat – the invasion of Britain and France by air and sea.

The world is outraged. American President Eisenhower is caught between denouncing his allies in what he considers an illegal act and protecting them against a Soviet nuclear attack if they invade Egypt.

In a desperate move to buy time and save what is left of his army, Egyptian President Nasser orders his soldiers to shed their uniforms and join the civilian resistance against the invaders.

British and French paratroopers assault strategic locations by air in preparation for the seaborne invasion. Faced with an Egyptian population willing to fight to the death to protect their country, the paratroopers struggle with the gut-wrenching decision of firing on civilians.

The survival of humanity hangs in the balance as the Cold War boils over in this thrilling war novel based on a true story. Tom Coyle, an American pilot is torn between his allegiance to his country and the woman he loves. Brigitte Friang, a French journalist jumps with the paratroopers in search of a story that will make her a legend. Colonel Bigeard and his men are outnumbered and outgunned as they attempt to capture a strategic bridge over the Suez Canal.

Will the Egyptians drive the foreign invaders back into the sea?

Will the British and French capture the Suez Canal in a so-called peace mission?

Will Eisenhower outmaneuver both his allies and the Soviet Union to avoid World War III?

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