About David Lee Corley

David Lee Corley was born in 1958 in Long Beach, California.  He grew up on a small horse ranch in a suburb of San Jose, California and it was during the golden age of Silicon Valley that David watched the birth of companies like Apple and Intel. At the age of 14, David and his family were baptized in the Mormon Church.  After graduating from Leland High School, he went on to Brigham Young University to study business.  At the age of 19, he placed his education on hold to serve as a missionary for two years in Guadalajara, Mexico.

“Even though I left the Mormon Church later in life, serving a mission in a foreign country had a profound effect on me. It opened my eyes to the world, and I wanted to see more.” 

When he returned from Mexico to finish his education, he had a new outlook on life and was anxious to start his own business.  He worked part-time at Osmond Studios in Orem, Utah where he chauffeured entertainers like Donny and Marie Osmond, Carl Reiner and Ron Howard. It was at Osmond Studios that he was introduced to the entertainment business and was where he earned his first credit as an associate producer on a movie called “Christmas Mountain.”

He later returned to San Jose to raise the required start-up capital for his first business, a video rental store called “View Easy.”  It was an immediate success and gave him the financial resources to buy and build several more media businesses including his own production studio.  He wrote, directed and produced his first television show “Shelby and the Professor” which he sold to the Disney Channel.  Soon after this initial success in the television business, he began to write feature length screenplays.  David wanted to make movies.

In 1994, David, his wife and three children moved to Southern California and made Malibu their home.  After two years of struggling with his new screenwriting career, he was finally hired by Sony Studios to write the movie “Solo” which starred Mario Van Peebles and Adrien Brody and was released in theaters worldwide.  He went on to write three more motion pictures: “Executive Power,” starring Craig Sheffer and John Heard, “Angel’s Dance,” starring Jim Belushi and Kyle Chandler and “Second in Command,” starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.  He also directed “Executive Power” and “Angel’s Dance.”  But Hollywood took its toll, and after a painful divorce, David put down his pen and left the motion picture business.

In 2014, David sold all his possessions and became a nomad.  He circumnavigated the earth three times during which he visited 56 countries and gained a new perspective of the world.  He also returned to writing and finished his first novel “Monsoon Rising,” a suspenseful thriller loosely based on some the experiences and people he encountered during his travels in Southeast Asia.

“Becoming a nomad this late in life was really scary.  I honestly didn’t believe I would survive beyond the first year.  Giving up all my possessions and setting myself adrift in the world changed my life.  I discovered so many things about myself and the world.  It helped me find my passion for writing again, and for that, I will always be eternally grateful.”

David is still a nomad.