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Cafè Wars

Book Two – The Airmen Series


War erupts in Paris. 

Two terrorist factions battle for control. 

Thousands of civilians trapped in the middle.

Two brothers in faith and cause wrestle for control of underground forces that will soon fight the French for Algerian independence.

The battlefield is the cafes and hotels of Paris where hidden bombs are delivered by three beautiful sirens. Thousands of civilians are murdered along with their intended targets.

Brigitte Friang searches for the truth behind the bombings and uncovers a conspiracy that shakes her to the core. How far will French leaders go to find the terrorists and stop the bombings?

Tom Coyle, an American pilot flying for the French Army, struggles to protect Brigitte as she becomes a target. But whom is behind her assassination attempt?

Who can they trust?

Café Wars is a reflection of today’s headlines. A historical thriller based on true events – the 1954’s terrorist attacks in Paris.


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