Billy Gamble is an American cowboy adrift in the world and unable to return to his beloved Wyoming. That’s what happens when you steal $4 million from your fraudulent boss. The insurance company forced to cover the loss has sent Eve Donoghue, the world’s best skip tracer, to find Billy and recover what’s left of the money.  If successful, her hefty finder’s fee would mean an early retirement.

Doggedly persistent and using every trick in the book, Eve finally catches up with Billy, in Thailand, where he has just been framed for the brutal murder of his girlfriend and is being hunted down by the Thai police. His only hope of finding the real killer is Eve, the one person to track him down in his three years on the run. After convincing Eve of his innocence to the murder, he strikes a deal; the return of the money he stole and his extradition back to America to face grand theft charges in exchange for Eve’s help in tracking down The Nomad, a vicious serial killer sowing death wherever he travels. Can Eve trust Billy, a self-confessed thief? Can Billy prove his innocence before he is locked away in a Thai prison for life?  Working together, can they stop the nomad before he kills again?  But the big question is… who is hunting whom?



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