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Battle of the Casbah

Book Five – The Airmen Series


A desperate nation. A daring plan.

Can France survive an astonishing betrayal?

After three long years of fighting with no end in sight, bombs continue to explode on the streets and in the cafés of Paris and Algiers.

French paratroopers led by Colonel Bruno Bigeard lay siege to the Casbah in the Algerian capital. Their mission is to root out the rebels hidden among the civilians no matter the cost. It’s Urban warfare at its worst.

Tom Coyle, an American pilot flying for the French military, is driven by one desire – keep Brigitte Friang safe. A task far from simple as Brigitte goes deep into the Algerian mountains seeking the truth. What she finds shakes her to the core and alters the course of the war.

The Battle of the Casbah is an epic war novel packed with action and intrigue. It’s about the men and women that struggle and die for their country, the morality of war, and the cost of freedom. It’s about lessons learned and forgotten… only to be repeated.


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