Review of We Stand Alone – Kirkus Reviews

“No combat; just cargo.” So reads the contract American pilot Tom Coyle signs with the French Air Force in 1953. Hired to supply French ground forces as they fight to maintain their economic interests in Vietnam, Coyle is soon caught up in the nightmarish battles at...

Review of Monsoon Rising – Forward Reviews

Clarion Review Thriller Monsoon Rising: The Nomad Series David Lee Corley Telos, LLC 978-0692907443 Four Stars (out of Five) Complex thriller and an entertaining read. David Lee Corley’s Monsoon Rising is a fast-paced thriller that uniquely immerses the reader into...

Review of Monsoon Rising – Kirkus Review

KIRKUS REVIEWS MONSOON RISING The Nomad Series Corley, David Lee Telos, LLC (400 pp.) $15.95 paperback, $3.99 e-book ISBN: 978-0692907443; June 1, 2017 BOOK REVIEW How far can a man go before he becomes the thing he despises? How far can the law bend before it...


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