The Airmen Series follows an American pilot, Tom Coyle, as he fights his way through the conflicts of the 20th Century. These historical novels are based on true events and characters. It’s the stories of war. Why they start. How they are fought. Who wins. Who loses. And the terrible consequences faced by all sides when the fighting is done. It’s about the politics of nations, the doggedness of generals and the soldiers that fight from the trenches. 

The series starts with the First Indochina War when the Vietnamese rebels of Ho Chi Minh fought for freedom against the French. The story moves on the Algerian War of Indepence, the Suez Crisis and finally the Second Indochina War also known as The Vietnam War. It’s a sweeping glance at wars known and unknown. The lessons learned; many forgotten. It’s a critical look at how history repeats itself time and time again, each time costing the treasure and blood of nations. Each time chipping away at what it means to human.